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It's just a mug, what is the big deal?

Posted by Maritza Gomez on

I am sure we all have a favorite mug or a go to mug.  Have you ever wondered why?  According to Psychology Today, about 60% of people said they have an emotional attachment to a favorite mug. 

The big deal is that our favorite mug holds the key to memories, takes us back to a special occasion, it has been there during some joyful and sad times.

When we were younger, I am sure some of us were territorial over our zippy cups, well now as adults we can be territorial over our mugs, especially if they are irreplaceable.  Some of you are still using your mug, even if it has a few chips or cracks because that mug gets you.

The oldest mug we have is one that was given by a customer when I used to work for a car bra manufacturer.  Each time I use it, it takes me back to that conference room, I don't remember the conversation, but I do remember the place. 

Next time you need a mood booster, grab one of your favorite mugs and hug it with both hands while drinking your favorite drink.

Gift a mug and make a memorable impression on someone today. 

Love, Your Loca Mug Dealer


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